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Led by Professional Pioneers in Private, Luxury Diving,
Dive Cozumel VIP specialises in diving with You, for You, about You.


liquidmotion dive cozumel VIP


dive cozumel VIP with Liquid Motion dive cozumel VIP with Liquid Motion
dive cozumel VIP with Liquid Motion


The ultimate, life-enriching 'experience'



Truly luxurious, for those who want more than the ordinary.



Private - Personal - Tailored - Customized


Dive Cozumel VIP is led personally by Liquid Motion's internationally acclaimed, award-winning National Geographic Photographers & Filmmakers Guy & Anita Chaumette.

Guy and Anita are world renowned Movie Producers, Marine Specialists, Experts in Fish Behaviour, Pioneers of 'Fluo-Diving', Explorers, Environmentalists, Educators, Authors and Speakers on Oceanography & Marine Protection.

They bring a wealth of understanding about the underwater world, a lifetime experience of VIP diving, and an expert knowledge of personal service, private instruction, and dive itinerary planning all over the globe.

How would you like to dive?

At Dive Cozumel VIP, everything is about you.

Your hosts have 30 years experience specialising in creating tailor-made, professional luxury dive experiences to fit each of their guests unique, personal interests, wishes and dreams. Anita and Guy customize each dive personally, and dive one-on-one, with each of their guests.

What would you like to experience? How can we make your dive experience the best you have ever had?

We will luxuriously customise your dive experience to fit your interests, wishes, hopes, dreams and preferred underwater style.

How do you want to feel?


More than a dive trip, we believe that diving should be about having a truly Extraordinary, Personalized “Experience".

You will enjoy blissful freedom, flexibility, privacy and the seamless Flow of the underwater world. VIP diving is made to measure, for you, about you. Allow us to craft your perfect underwater adventure. Help us create a dive trip that is all about you, and is the most inspiring experience that you have ever had.






Private, Personal, Customized Diving
for a truly Luxurious Experience.


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Live your Dream. Be Extraordinary. Be Free